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Mrs ZHANG, how is it going?

别提啦,最近又去医院检查了,大夫说我有高血压、糖尿病、肾功能不全,给我开了一大堆的药,花花绿绿的。Not good, I did a medical examination recently, and the doctor told me that I had many chronic diseases, and  prescribed a lot of medicines for me.


那你知道咋吃不,咱们上了年纪的人吃药可是个问题呀,也不能总是住院,麻烦儿子闺女,他们也忙。It is a problem for elderly people like us to take medicine, do you know how to take them? Our children are always busy to care the matter .

我也是担心这个问题,但是我住的病区有一个药师,她说国疗中心马上要开设一个药物治疗管理门诊,专门针对慢性病患者开展院外随访,帮助病人在院外管好自己的用药。I’m worried about this too.Fortunately,there is a pharmacist told me that an MTM Clinic will  open soon at the International Medical Center, providing services such as follow-up and medication management after the patient left  hospital.


这药物治疗管理门诊和咱平时挂的医生门诊有啥区别呀?But what’s the difference between this MTM Clinic and normal Clinic?

药师可耐心地给我解释了:这个门诊是专门管药的,药物早上吃还是晚上吃,餐前还是餐后吃,都会给我写的清清楚楚的,这个我可喜欢了,年龄大了,不爱动脑子,医生说一日一次,我老是捉摸不清楚到底该早上吃?还是晚上吃?如果别的医生开了别的药物,会不会和我现在的药物相“冲”?遇到这些情况都可以找药师来帮忙。The pharmacist explained to me very patiently.This Clinic is focus on drugs, including taking the medicine in the morning or at night,before or after meal. They will give me a Medication instruction sheet. I just have to comply with it. That’s what I really need. I always forget the doctors’ prescription, and I’m worried about the drug interaction. Such kind of questions can be solved by them!


那他们药师跟咱们看的医生意见不一样到底该听谁的啊?Should we  comply with the doctors or the pharmacists?

这个门诊虽然是药师单独坐诊,但他们和我的管床大夫是“一伙”的,对我的各项指标了如指掌,还要建立档案呢!我的管床大夫太忙了,委托他们院外协助管好用药呢!如果我的用药需要变更会跟我的管床医生联系,协商下一步治疗方案,这个不错,更多的人来为我的病出谋划策,更有保障啊!Don’t worry! They work in teams.Pharmacists know my physical conditions well and set a file for me . Doctors are too busy to manage patients out of hospital. The pharmacist will contact with doctors if there are any changes in my medication.They will discuss together for the suitable medication.It sounds great, so I feel more confident!


这还真不错嘿,不过我还是要好好考虑,因为我比较‘抠’,不想多花钱。I still have to think about it, because I ’m more stingy and don’t want to spend much  money.

咱们一样,我当时也是有这个顾虑,但是药师竟然说他们目前不收费!我就同意接受随访了。I have this concern too, but they told me that it’s free for now!! I have no reason to reject.


那你快给我讲讲,他们服务怎么样啊?How is their service? Please tell me !

不得不说,这服务真良心!药师刚开始给我建档就足足跟我沟通了一个小时呢!建完档案,他们还给我发了份监测表,让我回家好好监测,说这是我的家庭作业,下次随诊会检查我有没有按要求完成,让我重新体验了一把年轻上学时候的感觉啊。最后,药师给我了一些健康教育和用药指导的资料,让我回家抽空阅读,学会自我管理,这样就不用麻烦儿女了,毕竟他们也忙的很呢!I have to say it’s worthy! The pharmacist communicated with me for an hour! Then they set a file for me, after that, they give me a monitoring form. They told me this was my homework.It’s interesting, I feel I was back to my childhood. At last the pharmacist gave me some brochures about medication instructions and health education, which can help me to manage myself well! So we don’t need to trouble our children anymore!


听起来也太棒了,我也要去这个MTM门诊好好体验一把VIP服务!Sounds great! I will go to this “MTM Clinic” to enjoy the VIP service!



药物治疗管理(Medication therapy management,MTM)是指具有药学专业技术优势的药师对患者提供用药教育、咨询指导等一系列专业化服务,从而提高用药依从性、预防患者用药错误,最终培训患者进行自我用药管理,以提高疗效。MTM 于20 世纪90 年代在美国兴起,经过十几年的发展,目前已获得美国政府的认可,经国内外研究证实,MTM 服务在降低药物相关性问题发生率、提高患者用药依从性、降低患者自付费用等方面具有明显优势。随着国内生活水平日益提高,大众健康意识的提高,对药物相关知识的需求日益增多,国内各大一线城市开始开设药物治疗管理门诊。

Medication therapy management (MTM) refers to a series of professional services provided by pharmacists with pharmaceutical professional technical advantages, such as medication education, counseling and guidance, so as to improve medication compliance, prevent medication errors, and finally train patients to improve self-management efficacy. MTM was started in the United States in the 1990s. After more than a decade of development, it has been recognized by the United States government. Domestic and foreign studies have proved that MTM service has obvious advantages in reducing the incidence of drug-related problems, improving patient medication compliance, and reducing costs. With the improvement of living standard and public health awareness, the demand for medication related knowledge is increasing, and medication treatment management clinics have been set up in big cities in China.






The outpatient department of Henan International Medical Center has established MTM clinic

Main services

1. Provide medication guidance, counseling services;

2. Follow-up management will be carried out for special patients (such as patients with hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood lipid, high uric acid, taking anticoagulant medications who use special or complicated medication,and have low medication compliance);

3. Regular scientific lectures on rational medication use will be held.

柴东燕,硕士学位,副主任药师,2009年4月--2010年4月到广东省人民医院参加临床药师培训, 2012年2月-3月山东千佛山参加临床药师师资培训,河南省人民医院的第一位临床药师及带教药师。2016年6月到美国伊利诺伊州大学芝加哥分校(UIC)药学院及附属医院参加Pharm D.的课程及临床药师的工作模式学习。目前在河南省人民医院国际医疗中心创新性开展全职临床药师工作。

Chai dongyan, master's degree, associate chief pharmacist

From April 2009 to April 2010, participated in clinical pharmacist training in Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital

From February to March 2012, participated in clinical pharmacist teacher training at qianfoshan in Shandong

The first clinical pharmacist in Henan Provincial People's Hospital

In June 2016, went to the school of pharmacy and affiliated hospital of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), participated in the courses of Pharm D. and the work mode study of clinical pharmacists

At present, work in the International Medical Center of Henan Provincial People's Hospital.

荣    誉



Won the third prize in the national clinical pharmacist case report in 2012

Won the excellent paper of Henan Provincial clinical pharmacy annual meeting for many times

Obtained excellent paper of Chinese medical association of clinical pharmacy in 2014

Obtained the nomination of outstanding clinical pharmacists of Chinese medical association in 2015

Hosted four clinical pharmacy research projects in 2016

Won the bronze medal of International QCC speech competition in 2018

Published more than 10 papers

Participated in compiling several books.







Clinic time of pharmacist Chai:

Tuesday afternoon

Appointment ONLY,10 people a day

Address:2nd floor, building 7, Henan Provincial People's Hospital

Outpatient department of International Medical Center










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